Matcha (they/them) is a non-binary, pansexual, and Canadian cyber-bat, VTuber, and artist. Their stream content most commonly includes art and adventure games, but they're also known to stream the occasional horror game.Matcha was originally a normal flying fox with a physical form. They were trapped in a secret research facility that conducted experiments on transferring bat echolocation into a high-tech digital format. Due to an experiment gone wrong, Matcha’s consciousness was transferred into a digital format instead of their sonar skills. With the power of the internet now flowing through their cyber-veins, they were able to escape from the research facility to wander through the depths of the web.Matcha found refuge in Admin’s computer, in which they downloaded themself. Now, they use Admin's computer to stream video games and create art! Talking to humans and learning about the world is fascinating to Matcha. They lovingly call their viewers "bobats" ("boba" + "bats").According to Matcha, they weigh 69 kilobytes and they are 4.20 megabytes tall. Their birthday falls on the 22nd of April, making their zodiac sign Taurus.When it comes to personality, Matcha is often smug, chill, introverted, friendly and, sometimes, chaotic.Matcha's sense of fashion can be described as vaporwave, punk, cyberpunk, metal, and pastel goth. They have eight piercings: tongue, septum, bridge, navel, stretched ear lobes, and second ear lobes (all black).Some of Matcha's likes include caffeine, coffee, tea, boba, chocolate-covered almonds, potato chips, video games, art, horror, rain, weed, cozy confined spaces, and plushies. Their dislikes include celery, blueberries, skim milk, meatloaf, the ocean, and space.Video games are an important part of Matcha's life. Their favourite games include Stardew Valley, Danganronpa, Skyrim, Portal, Doki Doki Literature Club!, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Life is Strange.



Animated Boba: HozshiArtAnimated Screens, Overlays, Banner, Schedule Assets, and Panels: qwerqcreativeAnimated Transition: SpvwvkyBackground MusicBat Wing Chair: moji196Bedroom Background and Animated Logo: irisahiVTBonk: spookywooky_Cake, Ice Cream, Donuts, and Cookies: ArgamaWitch"Cutie" Note: napdrawsDesk and Blanket: catboymech"Fear Women" Hat: LizapprovedFidget Cube, Danganronpa Plushies, Isabelle Plushie, and Vocaloid Plushies: vimimi3Glass Cat Drinks: kae_onlineGoogly Eyes: fafrotskyIced Coffees: kyamelotJuice Boxes: VanillaTea_erKeyboard: revrenantLattes, Croissant, Custard, and Mochi Donut: koumorinahiMatcha.EXE Models, Emotes, Sub Badges and Flair, and Channel Points: MatchaEXEMILF Hats: tiuuieMore Boba: BeanniVTMore Hats and Mute Icon: OwORikosMoth Plush: ichiigomaPaws: MidnightLumiPride Boba: cyberpyunkShirts: garou_vtSpray Bottles: negativoZero_White Hats: MayaVtuber


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Commissions are first come, first served.Please allow up to 30 days for art completion. More complex pieces may require extra time and cost more.I will provide W.I.P. (work in progress) pictures during the sketch phase, colouring/shading phase, and background phase. I will allow you to make revisions during the sketch phase for free. Additional revisions and certain characters may cost more, depending on complexity.Unless otherwise stated, my art is for personal use only. No commercial use. You may use it as a profile photo, wallpaper, or post it on social media. CREDIT IS REQUIRED.You may not use my art or designs (commissioned or otherwise) for anything related to blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or cryptocurrency. Using my art to advertise or sell this is forbidden.Commissions will be delivered as digital files only.Do not claim my art or designs as your own or trace over any of my art.I only offer full refunds during the sketch phase of the commission or before I have started working on your commission.Payment is required before I begin working on your commission.All commissions are in Canadian dollars (CAD).I may use your commission to promote my work. Please let me know in advance if you do not want me to stream your commission or post it publicly on my social media.Update messages will be conducted via Ko-fi or Patreon. If you don't want to receive messages through Ko-fi or Patreon, please provide me with your Discord, email, or Twitter.I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.Violation of my T.O.S. will result in a permanent ban from purchasing my art or legal action (if necessary).By submitting a commission request, you are agreeing to my T.O.S.WILL DO:✔ Any Gender, Race, or Body Type
✔ Fanart (e.g., VTubers, anime/game characters, etc.)
✔ Gore and Candy Gore
✔ Humans
✔ Non-Humans (e.g., furries, feral/four-legged animals, elves, orcs, tieflings, angels, demons, etc.)
✔ OCs
✔ Simple Backgrounds
✔ Simple Mech
✔ Simple Outfits
WILL NOT DO:❌ Complex Backgrounds
❌ Complex Mech
❌ Complex Outfits
❌ Hate Speech, Fascism, Racism, Pedophilia, or Zoophilia
❌ NSFW (i.e., fetishes, porn, nudity)
❌ Realism
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns!If you have read and agreed to my T.O.S., you may request a commission through my Ko-fi!Stay updated on the status of your commission in my art queue!


Unless otherwise stated, my General Art/Commission Terms of Service apply to all adoptable designs.Designs may be changed as needed and are permitted for personal or commercial use, but please credit me for the original design.Trading, gifting, and reselling is permitted.Do not resell my designs for more than you originally paid for them, unless it comes with additional art.


Unless otherwise stated, my General Art/Commission Terms of Service apply to all Ko-fi and Patreon reward art.Becoming a member on both Ko-fi and Patreon does not mean that you get double the benefits.Monthly Ko-fi and Patreon members with sketch benefits may request one bust sketch OR one waist-up sketch for each month they are subscribed.
You do not need to request a sketch if you don't want to. If you opt to not receive a sketch one month, you may not receive two sketches the next month, etc.


All donations go towards supporting myself and improving the stream.
Tips are very much appreciated, but not required! Do not tip if you are financially unstable; take care of yourself first.
All donations are non-refundable.
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